Grace Girls Subscription

$19.99 / month

What is Grace Girls? I’m so glad you asked! Each month you will receive a mini-magazine in your inbox! You can print it for easy reference if you would like (especially the fun printables that will be included). Each month will focus on themes based on the season. Everything from recipes, prayer lists, gift-giving ideas, crafts, party planning, and discipleship. Pretty much all my favorite things! All of our girls will be in a private FB group where we will share weekly devotions, prayer requests,  ways you have seen God work and share how you have implemented some of the fun ideas in our magazine. It will pretty much be the best group ever! Don’t you think? If you agree, come join us and let’s start intentionally loving and living for Jesus!



Our Grace Girls tribe is for every woman who is looking for easy affordable ways to love on others while sharing the love of Jesus. It is for the tired mamas who need ideas for easy meals, family fun nights and building relationships with their teens. It is for the wife who is striving to love her husband like Christ loves the church. It is for the hostess with the mostess who loves to use her home as a way to love on others. It is for every woman who longs for a deeper relationship with her Savior. It is for every new believer and every woman who has heard of Jesus but is eager to learn more. It is for everyone. No matter the age or stage of life. No matter what has happened in your past or the things you are hiding in your heart. It is a place where grace happens. Where joy happens. Where sisterhood happens. Will you join us? We have prayed specifically for each heart that will join us and we can’t wait for this sisterhood that only He can create

*The first issue will be in your inbox on the 1st of each month. It will be sent to the email affiliated with your PayPal account. Canceling your membership can be done through your PayPal account.