Patriotic Porch Makeover

Each year, we get the chance to show our patriotic side and bring out the red, white, and blue for all to see… Independence Day. Veterans Day. Memorial Day. EVERY DAY because we’re blessed to live in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.

So, in honor of our American pride and since July 4th is right around the corner, I give you the *patriotic porch makeover!* [Cue The Star-Spangled Banner and start waving your tiny American flags]

It’s no secret that I love to decorate and that I’m always looking for creative, budget-friendly ways to spruce up my space! I hope you’ll enjoy these easy, all-American decoration ideas to makeover your porch! Once you’ve got your porch perfectly placed (see what I did there?! Alliteration for the win!), send me a picture! I’d LOVE to see where your creative side took you. Side note: Don’t think you need to have a huge, sprawling front porch to decorate it! Whether you’ve got a big ole rocking chair front porch or a little stoop, own your space and get your decoratin’ on!

Here’s what you’ll need (and where to find it):

Patriotic door hanger or wreath

Star garland (Dollar Tree)

Small American flags (Dollar Tree or Target)

Patriotic picks (Michaels)

Uncle Sam Hat (Dollar Tree)

Patriotic Bow (Dollar Tree)

Mason Jars (Dollar General, Target, Michaels)

Small rocks (Michaels or your back yard)

Battery operated tea lights (Target, Michaels)

Patriotic Porch Makeover Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Wrap the star garland around your porch rails.

Stick the small American flags and patriotic picks into any plants (I have ferns) or flowers you’ve got on your porch. I like ferns or any green plants because they give you a nice POP of color while also keeping your background neutral!

Next, grab those mason jars and fill the bottom of them with rocks. Drop a tea candle in (make sure to turn them on at night for a nice glow!) and add a small American flag or two.

Here’s one of my favorite parts: cut the top and back off of your Uncle Sam hat and wrap it around the base of a plant or flower pot!

Add your patriotic bow to a lantern, bird house, or any other fun item you’ve already got on your porch or sitting around your house! You can even tie it to the end of a porch rail.

Lastly, hang up your wreath or door hanger for the final touch! Now… take a step back… sip your sweet tea… and look at that beautiful porch you just decorated!

I hope all of you enjoy this Memorial Day with your family and friends close by. Remember what it’s all about: the fateful sacrifice our service men and women made so that we could experience freedom like we do.

See you soon!



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