My Valentine’s Day Mud Room

I was so excited that our new house was going to have a mudroom! It was a new space to decorate!  It was important to me for it to be a happy place because it is how we enter our home. When my kids walk in I want them to instantly find comfort in our home. I mean, how can you not feel loved with red and pink hearts everywhere?

See those cute pillows? The solid red one is actually a Christmas one that I just turned around. No one will ever know!

Decorating the actual shelf is always a little challenging for me. How much is to much? I just move things around until I like it. The greenery and the Hobby Lobby sign are always there. I like to have a few neutral pieces. I had the Valentine’s Day decor in my stash except for the piece with the black gingham heart. We made that on a Facebook live. It is precious! You can watch it here!

Do you recognize this little sign from our Facebook live? I love it so much and it was so easy! I found the sign blank at the Target Dollar Spot. They are only $3 each and are amazing for crafting! If you see some, stock up! I traced the outline of a heart and with a hot glue gun I filled it in with red and pink pom poms from Hobby Lobby! It is so fun! I glued a gingham ribbon on the back and she was ready to hang! I am such a sucker for pom poms! If you missed the Facebook Live you can check it out here!

Do you have a favorite place in your home that you love to decorate for holidays? I would love to know!

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