Teen Girl Mini Bedroom Makeover

My sweet Maddy wanted to update her bedroom. Specifically one wall. She found this peel and stick  wallpaper online but the reviews were terrible and the wall she wanted to put it on had her closet and bathroom door so there would be a lot of measuring and cutting and well, thats just not my gift!

The pattern is really popular. It is  kind of a mix between a dalmatian print and a polka dot. I knew we could whip this out in no time!

Here is her wall before. Like a said, lots of doors not a lot of wall but the perfect space to add a little pizzaz!

My niece was here so all three of us grabbed some black acrylic paint and some small paintbrushes and went to work!

We made sure our brushes were loaded with paint and made dots in varying sizes.

We did have a few drips but we just covered them up with some white paint!

We turned the music up and went to painting! It was so fun just to be free with the paint brush. And not to mention that it was basically a free project! Who knows how much the wall paper would have been! When she is tired of it we will just paint over it!

What do you think? She loves it!

Ya’ll know I love a project that I can start and finish in a small amount of time!  This was definitely my kind of project. It would be so cute in a bathroom or an office too!

Have you tried the peel and stick wallpaper? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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