Indoor Herb Garden

Can you see it? The sprawling garden, the spot in the corner full of fresh herbs, hydrangeas and gardenias in rows, roses climbing up lattice. Ahh, yes. I see it too… in my dreams. Back here in reality land, I’ve got my Indoor Herb Garden sitting on my counter. Or on my porch. Or even in my car on the way to the beach! Mmm, sipping fresh mint lemonade while lounging on the beach sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Just think of the endless possibilities that await you when you have your own herb garden! Pasta sauce with fresh basil, a beautiful drink garnished with a few mint sprigs, or the most delicious homemade salsa with fresh cilantro. An herb garden at your fingertips means new recipes and more family and friends gathered around your table!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Utensil caddy (I snagged mine at the Target Dollar Spot)

Favorite herbs (Lowes or your local nursery)

Rocks (for drainage)

Monogram (optional yet highly recommended!!!)

You might need: a drill, additional potting soil

PS: My favorite herbs to have on-hand are basil, mint, cilantro, and rosemary!

Indoor Herb Garden Step-by-Step Tutorial:

If you’ve got a monogram decal handy, go ahead and stick that front and center on the outside of your utensil caddy. Make sure the vinyl monogram is made with outdoor vinyl!

Fill the bottom of each section of your utensil caddy with rocks for drainage, or you may need to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. It depends on how your caddy is made. I used rocks!

Place the plants (in their biodegradable pots!) right into the caddy sections. You may want to fill with additional soil if the biodegradable herb pot is on the smaller side.

Make sure to water them, give them lots of sun, and tell them how pretty they are every day! I can’t wait to hear what yummy recipes you come up with now that you’ve got your own Indoor Herb Garden. Make sure to send me a picture of your project once it’s finished!




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