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Heart Topiary

Hey there valentine! I just love this project! It is so dainty and sweet. Oh, and super easy and about a dollar! Here are the supplies you will need!


  • Cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Short wooden dowel
  • Mini flower pot
  • Hot glue gun
  • Moss
  • ribbon
  • styrafoam

Go ahead and cut a heart from your cardboard. With a little dab of glue, glue one end of the yarn to your heart and start wrapping! Up and down and side to side! As you get close to the bottom of the heart, hot glue a painted dowel rod to your heart. I slightly separated the cardboard and stuck the dowel rod between the cardboard layers. Finish wrapping until your heart is covered in your favorite yarn.

After you paint your flower pot you can fill it with styrofoam scraps. Stryrafoam can be a little pricy so anytime I cut it I try to keep the scraps so I can use them in small projects just like this.

Stack your dowel rod into the styrofoam until it feels secure and top with some hot glue and moss.

I hot glued a little gingham bow to my heart for the perfect finishing touch.

Y’all! It is jut too cute! This would be fun to create in all different sizes and colors!  You could even create several and not add the dowel rod and place them in a pretty bowl or tiered tray.I might need to go make some more!

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