How do you feel about gnomes? Cute or creepy? I think they are pretty cute! Especially the seasonal ones! I didn’t have any for Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be fun to create my own and share them with you!

Here is what you will need!

  • Printables! You can find them¬†here, here & here!(simply download the PDF’s to your computer and print)
  • From the Dollar Tree: small canvas & large sign
  • Scissors, hole punch, string, paint, Mod Podge, ribbon and 1 white pom pom

Print and cut out all of your designs! The envelope banner is the easiest. Punch holes in each corner of the envelope and with string or ribbon, tie each envelope together. Be sure that your end pieces have string that is long enough to hang.

For the larger sign I used an old Easter sign from the Dollar Tree. I turned it over and painted it with white chalk paint. After about 3 coats, it was ready for the gnome. I applied Mod Podge to the entire surface and placed my gnome where I wanted him, being sure there were no bubbles and wrinkles. I set him aside to dry. Once he was set, I added a very light coat of Mod Podge, concentrating on the edges. Adding too much can sometimes cause your design to color bleed. If this does happen, you can simply wipe it off with a damp towel. Lastly, I created a quick bow by stacking ribbon scraps on top of each other and securing them with a piece of floral wire. I secured it to the top of the sign by threading the wire through the top hole.

For the last project I decide to create a reversed canvas. I carefully removed the canvas part from the wooden frame and put it aside. I lightly sanded the wooden frame and painted it using red and pink paint. I flattened out the canvas and applied Mod Podge to the surface and placed my gnome (the cute one with the braids) in the middle. Once it was dry, I hot glued the canvas to the back of the frame and then trimmed the excess canvas.

And there you have it! Three cute projects! Which one is your favorite?

Incase you missed it you can download your printables here, here & here!