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Elf Printable

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? We have had our elf, Mario for a long time and last year we added Maple. Why did we need another elf? Good question! I asked my girls the same thing!

When we first got Mario I was really creative! For years I would pin on Pinterest and spend hours planning his next mission. But can I be honest? This mama is tired. And even though three of my kiddos no longer believe I still have my Bentley boy whose eyes light up when he see’s his Christmas buddy!


This year I decided to be creative in a different way!  I purchased small gifts (some of them were only a dollar) and created these printables so that setting our elves up is easy, especially when I forget!


Printing them is easy peasy! Simply download the file to your desktop and print as many copies you would like!

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