Easy Placemat Sign

I was checking out the fall products at Dollar General a few weeks ago and came across this cute fall placemat. I grabbed it to make a quick and easy fall sign! Here is what you will need:


Using a box cutter and a ruler to help me cut a straight line, I cut the sides of the placemat off. Definitely keep these pieces for a future project!

Measure the width of the placemat and cut the paint sticks to be the same size. You may need to sand the edges if they are rough from the cut.Using either stain or paint, paint the sticks and allow them to dry.

I used Rust-oleum Flagstone to paint mine!

When dry hot glue them to the top and bottom of the placemat. Looking super cute!

Now it’s time to string the beads! I cut my string to be about 12 incase long. Once I strung the beads I knotted each end and hot glued it to the back onto the paint stick.

That’s it! Crazy easy, right? I love the orange and navy together!


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