Have you been to the Dollar Tree yet? Of course you have! You know I love it and their Valentine’s Day selection did not disappoint! Want to see some of my fav’s? Let me show you!

I will always buy gingham! I swear it screams my name! This ribbon is adorable and I have used it in so many projects!

The metal words are adorable and were perfect for this wooden sign we made on Facebook live! You can see the gingham ribbon too! So cute! You can find that project here!

I am a sucker for a treat bag! They are so cute for sending goodies to school or work! They can also be hung on a Valentine’s Day tree or you could trim the top off and frame it for a little, fun Valentine’s Day sign.

I love that I still have 2 kiddos who take valentine’s to school! Check out how cute these are? You could even wrap up each one in a cellophane bag with some paper shred and of course tie it with the gingham ribbon!

This large tag is definitely cute like it is but I have some big plans for it! I love grabbing these types of signs because you can do so much with them. With a little sandpaper, paint  and a vision they can be totally transformed!

How precious would this tote be for your little one to carry their valentine’s in? So much cuteness!

I didn’t purchase any of these but I have seen some people do some pretty creative things with them!

Lots more goodies! These little canvases are so cute for your little ones! What a fun afternoon project or a sweet, small gift!

I would love to know what your favorite Dollar Tree must have’s were this Valentine’s Day season! I just love all the pink and red!!!

Happy shopping and creating!


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