Dollar General Reindeer Makeover

I saw this little guy at the Dollar General and I just had to have him!

He was only $3 and he lights up! I mean, how could you pass that up?

I am a sucker for anything Christmas. If you walked in my attic right now you would probably agree that I have a little bit of a problem. I can’t help it. I just love it all! I don’t however love the prices so I am always looking for good deals, yard sales, and how I can make my own decor.

As much as I loved this little guy, he was lacking some Christmas spirit so it was time for a mini makeover.   

 I just really felt like he needed a red sparkly nose so I went to my pom pom collection and found the perfect size. The white one was really glued on so I used my hairdryer to help melt the glue enough so that I could pull it off.

 This was the point where I decided my little reindeer was going to be a girl and that she definitely needed eye lashes. I used my Posca paint marker (seriously the best paint pen you will ever use) to give her some sass. 

Much better!

Every girl needs a bow so I used some of my favorite ribbon from Hobby Lobby and made her a sweet little bow and attached it with some hot glue!

I feel like she needs a name. What do you think?

She is the perfect size for a tiered tray. Speaking of a tiered tray, this one is from Walmart and I am in love! It was in the Christmas section and is the perfect size! Go grab you one!

I just love her! She definitely makes me smile! Let me know if you find them at your Dollar General!


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