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DIY Spooky Soap

One of my favorite things about holidays is incorporating them into all the things! Even soap! I knew my Bentley would love to wash his hands with soap full of spiders! Now, more than ever, washing our hands is so important that we might as well make if fun! Here is what you will need for your own spooky soap!


  • Clear soap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spider rings (mine are from the dollar tree)
  • Cute ribbon

Taking the label off leaves a sticky residue so be sure to use some rubbing alcohol and hot water to get all the sticky stuff off!

Next, take the top off and set aside. Now, its time for the fun part! Be sure to ask your littles to come and help!

You can add as many as you would like! I did find that the white skeletons were hard to see once they were in the bottle so I didn’t add to many of them. You may have to do a little bending of the spiders legs but they are pretty easy to get in.

I used the pump to move the spiders around in the bottle so they were spread out. After I did this I could see where I needed some more. When I was done I put the pump back in and made sure it was on tight.

I grabbed some of my favorite ribbon and one of our printable tags and tied it on to gift it to someone special!

Have fun with your spooky soap!

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