Cutest Baby Shower Idea

We are on our way to Philadelphia to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and I realized I never shared with you what we did at her shower just a year ago!

The hostess asked if I would provide some type of an activity for the guests to participate in. Truth is, I am not a fan of shower games so I knew I needed to start thinking of something fun and interactive that wasn’t a game.

My brain always goes straight to a craft when I have to think of these sorts of things and I knew personalized blocks were the way to go! Not only was it so easy to put together, but the guests had the best time decorating each block for sweet Harper. She with have them to play with when she is older and they will be such a special reminder of a beautiful day filled with so much love!

I purchased wooden blocks and Sharpies from Amazon. That’s it! How easy is that? I made a few examples to get guests creative juices flowing but it didn’t take long before everyone was a part of the fun!

How cute are these blocks? Everyone did something different! Some were personal from the guest to Harper and some were just for fun!


And can I show you some of the other amazing parts of the shower? Check out the hot pretzels!

They were seriously so good!

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board??

 This vintage suitcase filled with favors was the perfect way to say thank you to those that came to love on sweet baby Harper!

Here we are! My 2 girls, niece and my beautiful sister in law! Now, all we need is baby Harper!



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