Cookie Makeover

Mamas, you know that feeling of panic when you remember that you were suppose to bring something for a function and you totally forgot? I have been there too many times. We want to do all the things but sometimes we over commit ourselves or we are just overwhelmed with all that is on our plate.  This season of life can be a struggle because there are so many things we want to do. So many things we want to make special but we are only one person. We can only do so many things or be so many places at once.

So, if you are signed up to bring something sweet to your next get together or school function here is a quick and easy treat that the kiddos will LOVE. I made sure it was 100% kid approved!

Here is what you need:

That’s it! Store bought cookies, frosting and sprinkles! Rainbow sprinkles make everything more special!

Next we made a cookie sandwich! This is definitely my kind of sandwich!

Of course the last part was my kids favorite part! Sprinkle time!

I filled plates with sprinkles and let them dip the edges of their cookies in the yummy frosting! The more icing between the cookies the more will come out the sides which is ideal for all the sprinkles to stick too!

Easy and cute! And with my helpers we got them done in under 10 minutes! They would be even cuter with themed sprinkles! Think Christmas, valentines, Easter, and July 4th! You can transform store bought cookies into something extra special that will guarantee lots of sticky smiles!

Mamas, no need to stress next time you signed up for that special snack! You can whip these up in no time, or even better, have a cookie bar and let the  kids make their own cookie sandwiches! You may become everyone’s favorite mom!

with love & sprinkles,


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