Easter Coffee Bar

I love my bar cart!!! I use it year round as a decorating focal piece! I also happen to love coffee and with 4 kids I pretty much require it, so the coffee bar may be my BFF. Please don’t judge.

Here some pictures of how I decorated it last year. Most of the decor is from the Target Dollar spot and I love that I can add to it little by little.

I decided that my coffee bar needed some personalized coffee cups this year. I knew it would be an adorable addition and I can’t help it…I love all things personalized! All things. It’s just part of living in the south!

Once I made my first set I KNEW you, my sweet readers, needed to print your own! Gingham and bunnies girls!!!! Does it get any cuter? Not possible!

If you want to have the cutest cups around you can download the file here! All you need to do it cut along the line and use either a little bit of glue, glue dots, or double sided tape. Easy peasy!!!

It’s not to late to create a little coffee area for Easter lunch. You don’t have to have a bar cart to create an adorable drink station. Trays or even a cutting board can serve as the base for your your new entertaining addition. A few cute bowls, mason jars, or whatever you have on hand is perfect! And, your new cups, of course!

Cheers & Coffee,


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