Beach Essentials

Summer = Beach trips!

‘Tis the season to hit the BEACH! I don’t know about you, but sun and sand are my therapy in the summer time.

There’s nothing worse than staking your plot in the sand, plopping down in your chair, and realizing you forgot that ONE thing. I always take certain beach essentials with my family and me when we’re headed to the coast, and I want to share my go-to list with you today! Pack these on your next trip and you’re sure to be as happy as a clam. (See what I did there?)


#1: Water

Yes, I know the ocean has plenty of water to go around, but you’ve got to stay hydrated too! Bring a cute koozie for your water bottle – everyone will know it’s yours plus it’ll keep sand from sticking all over the plastic!

#2: Monogrammed cooler

Make sure you bring one big enough for the family’s drinks plus plenty of ice to keep it all cold. Of course, the monogram part isn’t necessary, but highly encouraged! #monogrameverything

#3: Wide-rimmed hat

Three reasons why a sun hat is always a good idea: 1) It will protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays. 2) It will keep you from having to squint to see. 3) It’s going to look glamorous!

Add a monogram for extra fun!

#4: Bathing suit cover-up

There are times when your body needs a little break from the sun, and that’s when it’s so helpful to have a bathing suit cover-up handy! You’ll also love being more covered when the little ones are playing on the beach and you’re running around to keep up with them! As always, a monogram will spice it up a bit and help to make it your own.

#5: Basket

There’s some flexibility with this one. Bring a basket, reusable bag, or plastic container to toss all of your beach treasures into! I love having this handy so I have a place for my kids (and myself!) to safely store what we find during our beach walks. Sea shells are my favorite!


#6: Baby powder

Weird, I know. Just trust me! Don’t you hate when sand sticks to you? Just sprinkle baby powder on your sandy skin – the powder will dry up the moisture and help you wipe the sand right off! Works like a charm every time.


I so enjoy the time our family gets to spend at the beach together. Summer time provides us all with the chance to make meaningful memories, so I hope you’ll get outside with those you love! Use this Beach Essentials list to help you pack for your next beach trip. Make sure to post or send me pictures!



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