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Life is so much sweeter when we celebrate every day with the people we love! Whether it is through a DIY project, cooking a yummy meal for your family, creating a gift out of love, making your house feel warm and cozy, or decorating for your favorite holiday, we hope you will feel inspired and encouraged to bless the sweet ones in your life!

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Boo Neighbor!

Boo Neighbor!

What can be more fun than booing your neighbor? My kiddos love driving around the neighborhood to see who has been booed and who is still waiting! How do you boo your neighbor? I am so glad you asked! We love to collect Halloween treats and novelties to fill up our...

Free Boo Printable

Boo! It's almost Halloween and we love the tradition of boo-ing our neighbors! We are excited to share our printable with you so you can start boo-ing too!  j   First, you need a fun bucket or bag for your goodies! I found this bucket at Target for $1. Now it's...